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Recruitment Consultants is currently in use by several recruitment firms who want to ensure their reputational risk is not in jeopardy when recommending a candidate to another firm.

We offer a robust on-going sanctions screening process that performs a check on the data you provide, with an immediate result. The sanctions lists do update regularly, and just because the client is not on the list after your initial search does not necessarily mean they will not be on the list when it is updated.

With this in mind, it is important then continual searches are completed on your clients, so after each and every time your chosen sanctions list updates, we will automatically re-screen the client data previously input and will notify you on any changes to the results. We do this as part of your membership fee, so there will be no additional costs.

Also available is ValidID - the tool that verifies information about your potential candidate's identity, their address, whether they are a bankrupt or have CCJs amongst many other checks.

For more information on what additional types of data can be checked please visit our prices page here.

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