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Mortgage Brokers

If you don’t already know by now, Financial Sanctions compliance is mandatory for all and unlike Anti-Money Laundering requirements there are absolutely no exemptions.

SanctionsSearch brings simple to use robust technology with an affordable price to the masses. We make carrying out sanctions checks within our system easier than doing them any other way. Along with this we provide a quality audit trail for the future so you can evidence if necessary that you always met the standard required of you for this important piece of compliance.

In addition, and with the benefit of our integrated tool ValidID, we are now able to provide firms with background credit information. This is most useful in the first blows of establishing whether or not a client is suitable for a particular mortgage or mortgage company.

Not only does ValidID provide information on CCJ's IVA's and Bankruptcies but it also confirms if your client is on the voters role along with how much their house was last purchased for along with validating a myriad of documents such as Passports and Driving licences.

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