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If you are a bank you'll understand the importance of having appropriate risk based controls and procedures in place, that give you the confidence that your customers are not committing or potentially about to commit any financial crime through your bank. Furthermore to be party to this type of financial crime however unwitting is unacceptable in your sector and represents significant reputational risk.

Good governance when it comes to financial crime is paramount to maintain a respected position in the market place, not to mention ensuring the business is not exposed to regulatory financial penalties for failures in these processes. 

Here at we offer a service that screens active and none active client data in real-time against your chosen financial sanctions list. We also provide you with a suitably robust audit trail ensuring the business is able to provision the appropriate evidence on request, that you have screened the clients and ensured they are not a sanctioned.

The results of your screens are instantaneous. Clients screened need not be checked again as the system re-screens all data within it against any changes made to the various watch lists.

In addition we also offer the more intensive tool called ValidID. ValidID is a tool we have developed that predominantly works as an electronic anti-money laundering system, whilst incorporating a sanctions screen on your client. This feature aims to verify both the identity and address of the client whilst validating official documents like passports and driving licences.

It achieves all this at a very competitive price, in order to satisfy your anti-money laundering requirements. 

For more information on the types of checks carried out and our prices please see our prices page here.

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