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The Benefits

This easy to use site provides the evidence you need, at an affordable price.

We ensure that should your regulator request evidence of the systems or processes you have in place to ensure compliance with the Financial Sanctions legislation, is able to provide a full and complete response.

We provide an online sanctions list search.

We provide file certificates.

We provide an online audit trail which identifies dates and times of individual searches along with the exact date of the list that was searched.

Also, free of charge, we screen all ‘on system’ client data after each and every Sanctions list update, to ensure that clients have not appeared on the list - thus ensuring your ongoing compliance without any extra work or most importantly cost.

Whilst was set up primarily to provide compliance with the Financial Sanctions and Financial Crimes legislations, it is intended that the site be further developed so that over time we will be able to provide additional resources to make your job easier and more compliant. Our commitment to you is that we will do this with the same ‘affordability ethos’ that was used to bring this initial site to you.

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